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Astro Update – May 2017

Finlandia 2017 was an interesting exhibition.  I met with two of our European delegates, Jürgen Peter Esders (Germany) and Chris Schmied (Switzerland) to discuss various ideas to bring new life to the Astrophilately.

The great exhibits of the 1990s have, in the main, have been sold, whilst after Portugal 2010 we saw fewer and fewer Astro exhibits at FIP exhibitions, today most FIP exhibition do not even offer Astrophilately as a competitive class.

Chris                                Jürgen                         Charles


The only way forward for Astrophilately is to attract a new wave of Astro exhibitors through making our class more attractive for today’s collectors.

The key proposals were to update the Astro Guidelines to include:

 Pre- & Post Flight strategic events such as: Wind Tunnel, Roll-Out, etc. covers

In flight events: EVAs & On-board experiments that could be illustrated with contemporaneous stamps & stationery related to the flight

Addition of modern Space programmes (India, Europe, & Private consortiums)

Studies of covers cachets makers

Inclusion of Official Publicity photographs


The next FIP exhibition that will have an Astrophilately Class will be Malaysia 2018 to held in Kuala Lumpur from 10-16 December.  Our challenge will be to get 15 Astro exhibits accepted.

Please send your ideas on how to attract a new wave of Astro exhibitors to our Secretary, (Tan, Chee-Hui), and also let him know if you will be taking up the challenge to exhibit at Malaysia 2017.

Good collecting

Charles Bromser

FIP Astrophilately Section Chairman


After the International Exhibition in Tampere, Finland next May 29, there will be a meeting of all the FIP Commission Chairs and Secretaries to share ideas and experiences.  The FIP Board would us to have regular catch ups to improve communication and cooperation across the Commissions.  Let our Secretary (Tan, Chee-Hui) know if you have any matters that you would like discussed at the meeting.


The Bureau now has its full complement of seven members after Jürgen Peter Esders (Germany) and Walter Hopferwieser (Austria) were co-opted.

Walter Hopferwieser
Jürgen Peter Esders








At the FIP Congress that was held during Taipei 2016 World Championship Stamp Exhibition the Astrophilately Section met to elect the members for the Bureau for the period 2016-2018.

Taipei 2016 Astrophilately Section Delegates Meeting

The new Bureau comprises of:

Chairmanme5: Charles Bromser  tanchee   Secretary: Tan Chee-Hui


chris  FEPA Member: Chris Schmied ball_mediumphotoFIAF Member: David S. Ball


indiamj2011india    FIAP Member: Madhukar Jhingan